How to Take Care of Betta Fish – Betta Fish Care FAQ’s

Betta Fish Care Made EasyThere are a lot of questions on how to take care of your betta fish properly¬† and it can be hard to find the right answers to your questions when wading through all of the information. Don’t worry, I’ve got your most frequently asked questions regarding how to take care of a betta fish right here!

Betta Fish Care FAQ’s

How Much Should I Feed My Betta? (And WHAT Should I Feed Him?)

First of all, the best Betta food to feed your fish in my experience is pellets. Pellets and flakes both provide all of the nutrition your betta needs (a diet of only live foods does not provide this) but pellets are easier to measure out. It is for these reasons I’ve found them to be the best choice.

Overfeeding can be detrimental to a Betta’s health and you want to be careful to avoid this. Feed just two pellets in the morning and two in the evening. Make sure there is lots of space between feedings and if you can’t remember if you’ve fed him for that sessions, don’t worry about it, he can go a long time without food.

What Should I Do If My Betta Fish Won’t Eat?

He’s probably just used to a different food from the pet store and this is very common, don’t worry about it! Bettas can go 2-3 weeks without eating before becoming ill due to malnutrition. If it’s been a week or more you might try feeding him the inside of a frozen pea that you heat up in the microwave. Just cut it up into small pieces first!

What Temperature Is Right For A Betta Fish?

Between 78 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect. Anything is this range will suffice but be sure to keep your temperature constant, rapid fluctuations are unhealthy and stressful for your fish.

What Size Tank Should I Use?

Of all of the how to take care of a betta fish questions, this is one of the most debated. Here is the definitive answer: 5 to 10 gallons MINIMUM. Betta’s naturally live in large expanses of rice paddies in Eastern Asia, don’t put them in a 1 gallon vase and expect them to be happy.

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A Great Reference Book for Anyone Interested in Betta Fish

As a newbie to Betta Fish, I want to give my little friend the best care possible. Adam’s book has been, and will continue to be, a valuable reference for me. The book is a pleasure to read and is set up in a way that makes it very easy to search for the information you need later.
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This book is amazing!!

We (my then 8 year old son and I)had just lost a betta “boo boo” when I found this book. Just a bit to late. We took a break from fish and decided to get back into bettas. We decided to get a female this time and she has made it 10 months and is thriving thanks to this book! She is the happiest fish in the world and shows it in a unique way that you will find out about in this book. Very well written and a true asset to have in our collection.
By steven bossung

Must have for Betta owners

This is a must have manual for the selection, care, feeding, environment, of your Betta investment and enjoyment of these beautiful tropical fish.

By Dr. Jen Q. Louie

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